Youth Workers

In order to provide care and support in the community for orphans and vulnerable children and youth, a core team of Christian youth workers works for  They range in age from 26 to 35 years and take care of the centre, as well as providing counseling for children and youth in the community. 

They run programmes for children and youth, as well as focussing on young mothers and boys.  




Read more about our Youth Workers below:



Xolane Makamu (Space)

Xolane (Space) is a very capable young man who joined the team after returning from a year volunteering in the IVEP (International Volunteers Exchange Programme) in Canada.  He has brought his experience in Canada to the Litsemba Centre and is running programmes for out of school youth and orphans.  

Space is from the community around the Litsemba Centre and has his finger on the pulse of youth who are on drugs and into crime.  His work involves leading these youth into a new life style and a hope for their future.  He began the "Brothers for Life in Christ", a street kids programme running at the centre and in several other communities. The work is very challenging, but Space is finding it satisfying and life changing.  He started bible studies with some of the boys who want to leave their lives of drug abuse behind, as well as skills development, soccer teams and life skills training.

In addition to the Brothers programme, Space is also mentoring youth who are involved in the President's Award Programme.  We now have  about 50 youth who have made it to their silver level and gold levels.  They must do many hours of volunteer service, training, sports and a three day adventure hike, in order to gain enough points to qualify for each level.  



Pastor Sthembiso Nkambule

Pastor Sthembiso is the Assistant Manager of's social enterprise at Ekukhanyeni Christian Retreat Centre.  After leading the 20 Youth Facilitators in our 10 partner schools for 4 years, he started the School of Ministry and Leadership at the beginning of 2015, then took over his role at Ekukhanyeni in 2017.  

In 2016, Pastor Sthembiso worked with a group of committed, Christian young men who he mentored to care for OVC in their communities, as well as assisted them to start community development projects.  The growth that we have seen in these young men was amazing as they matured in their faith and supported the schools and children God called them to serve.

Although Sthembiso presently is based at Ekukhanyeni Christian Retreat Centre as a manager, he continues his work with our community projects on a weekly basis spearheading our food distribution programme to the many children and youth in our Hope Clubs.

Senath Mashaba

Senath is the leader of our girl's programmes.  She runs Girl's Clubs at the Litsemba Centre, Homework Clubs for girls from Sibuyile Primary School, Teen Mom's programmes as well as doing home visits and visiting various schools involved in our Hope Club programme.  

Senath is also running the Litsemba Pregnancy Care Centre programme, assisting women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies navigate through their needs.  

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