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There are many orphans and vulnerable children in schools who are not receiving the assistance they need with food, school uniforms, advocacy and getting social grants. places youth facilitators in schools in to care for the orphans and vulnerable children by running Hope Clubs, .  There are presently 9 clubs in 9 schools with youth leaders.  


They worked with the children in their schools on a daily basis, counseling, advocating in police stations, social services, etc. and running activities after school (including Hope Clubs and sports activities) to give them role models who could support and care for them.

These youth facilitators were chosen by the schools as youth who were youth heads of households and excellent role models in their communities. They received a small stipend each month from to support their families and are assisting the School Based Support Teams to identify, support and advocate for children in the schools. 

All the youth who were involved were dedicated to their work and participated in regular training. They also worked in our camps in other communities in July and December, so that they could gain valuable experience counseling children. 

Every day the youth facilitators did what they did best in the schools, which was providing support and input into the children’s lives. The Hope Clubs were held weekly in the schools. (A Hope Club is a group of youth or children  coming together to support one another in their difficulties and to do other activities such as drama, music, discussions, debate, poems, cultural dance, games, etc. in the schools.)  These clubs were facilitated by the youth facilitators together with the kids.  They made decisions about programmes together so that there was maximum child participation.

In 2015, the funding source ended and there are now only a few schools where youth facilitators continue to work full time.  They are now either sponsored by their schools or in the case of Lugebhuta High School in Schoemansdal, a donor continues to sponsor them.  All the schools have expresssed their desire to continue with the YF but due to funding restrictions, they are unable to continue.  

Of the 20 YF in the schools, a number have now found employment elsewhere as they have excellent recommendations and certificates from their time with  

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Youth Facilitator Team 2021


From 2011 until 2014, placed 20 youth in 10 schools as youth facilitators to work with orphans and vulnerable children.  These youth, all between the ages of 20 and 28 years, have been trained as counselors and offer support to the thousands of children in our Mpumalanga Schools. 

Between the 7 leaders in 9 schools, the YF assist thousands of children in their schools.  If you would like to support one of them in 2021, please assist us with our goal of raising funds to support them. You can contact through the email on the home page if you are interested in supporting one or more of these young people.

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