Teen Mom's "The Open Door" Programme

Teenage pregnancy is rampant in South Africa. Young girls as young as 12 years old are falling pregnant due to the many social problems that exist in rural and township communities.

Some use their bodies in exchange for marks at school.  Some do not have adequate parental guidance or care, and engage in risky sex with boyfriends who promise them gifts or money. Some are desperate for love and turn to boys for the love they need. All of these young girls need guidance and care when they fall pregnant.

Teen Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a big problem in South Africa. Many girls become pregnant due to rape, unhealthy relationships and lack of parental guidance and supervision. Some go for abortions, but most keep their children, who are then raised by grandmothers. Orphans have more difficult issues to face, especially when they have no parents and extended family who don’t want the cost and responsibility of caring for another child. These girls then drop out of school and lose their futures. 

Mamkhulu.org launched it's OPEN DOOR Programme in December 2014, by holding a camp for 20 teen moms and their babies.  Our of that camp has come a support group for teen mom's which assists with Life Skills training, skills development and gives the girls an opportunity to earn money from doing craft work.

There are many new girls who have joined the group since January 2016, and presently they meet 2-3 times per week at the Litsemba Centre.  In partnership with a Canadian company they are creating beadwork for sale and being paid for their work, which helps their families and supports their young children.  

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