Teen Mom's "Litsemba Pregnancy Care Centre" Programme

Overwhelmed by an unplanned pregnancy? 

Do you need to talk to someone?  You are not alone. 


In January 2021, Mamkhulu.org opened the:

Litsemba Pregnancy Care Centre

The programme is there to assist you if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy.  


Services offered:

1.  One on one counseling by trained staff and social worker.

2. Young mom skills training and support groups.

3.  Motivational and educational talks at schools using the "Undiluted" programme.

4. Home visits

5. Reconcilliation between families and girls

6. Free pregnancy tests

If so, contact Senath on 0661830835 or 0677938226 for confidential, free counseling and support.


Pregnancy and parenting can be filled with a lot of uncertainty and anxiety.  From the moment you discover you are pregnant until your baby is born.  Litsemba Pregnancy Care Centre offers support, , encouragement and resources for a healthy pregnancy and confident parenting and its completely free.  

Teenage pregnancy is rampant in South Africa.  Young girls are falling pregnant due to the many social problems that exist in rural and township communities.

Some use their bodies in exchange for marks at school.  Some do not have adequate parental guidance or care, and engage in risky sex with boyfriends who promise them gifts or money. Some are desperate for love and turn to boys for the love they need. All of these young girls need guidance and care when they fall pregnant.

Teen Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a big problem in South Africa. Many girls become pregnant due to rape, unhealthy relationships and lack of parental guidance and supervision. Some go for abortions, but most keep their children, who are then raised by grandmothers. Orphans have more difficult issues to face, especially when they have no parents and extended family who don’t want the cost and responsibility of caring for another child. These girls then drop out of school and lose their futures. 


Latest News


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