Life Skills Training

The Litsemba Centre offers courses for youth on how to open bank accounts, budget money, look for work, write CVs,  care for younger siblings, choose a career, etc.  It also works with youth leaders to help them start Hope Clubs in local schools around the centre.  (See HOPE CLUBS)




These courses are available to any youth who need help. Volunteers who have any experience in these areas would be most welcome to apply to come and assist for anywhere from 1 month to 1 year.  Please contact Reachout to Africa if interested in using your skills to help young people in Africa.



The President's Award Programme

In late 2012, a new programme was added to the Litsemba Centre - The President's Award.  This programme has 3 levels for leadership development - bronze, silver and gold.  There are 45 youth from around the Litsemba Centre, including many of our out of school youth, who have to do 24 hours of service, 24 hours of sports and 24 hours of skills development as well as go on an adventure camp for 3 days.  The President's Award Programme is providing the structure and some of the opportunities for the youth, and have applied for carpentry equipment from some donors.  Each youth who takes part in the programme gets involved in some sort of service in the community, including volunteering at our OVC camps, cleaning up around the disabled centre at the back of the Litsemba Centre and at some of the Home Based Care facilities in the area.  In January they will be visiting Barberton Prison to assist with a gardening project. 

The latest volunteer project was that the youth involved in the President's Award donated a small amount of money each and purchased hair styling products and supplies.  Girls from the Girl's Club (who would never get to have a day in a hair salon) were invited to come and have their hair done.  The lovely braids, soft dreds and relaxed hairstyles were so lovely and the girls were so thrilled with this act of kindness.  Most OVC would never be able to afford the materials so to be treated to such a lovely day was so very special. 

Activate Leadership Programme

Another group of 28 youth are currently registered in the "Activate Leadership" Programme for 600 youth from around South Africa.  These youth will be attending training sessions in Johannesburg for week long periods over the course of 3 years in order to become community leaders.  We are looking forward to participating in both these programmes over the next few years.

Latest News


The young mothers camps will take place at Ekukhanyeni on the 27th of December 2022. Mothers come with their babies and they are given life lessons.


The team will be starting their end year Camps on the 27th of November 2022. The first camp will be the young mother's camp, where young

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