Redeemer Sindiso Nsibande


Redeemer Nsibande is a young wire work artist who has a great talent for creating anything out of glass seed beads and wire.  He started his wire art a number of years ago in Johannesburg while living with a young artist from Zimbabwe.


Redeemer was working as a waiter at the time but he realized he had a talent and a love for art, so he quit his job and moved to Nelspruit, South Africa to begin his business.


Over the past 5 years, Redeemer’s natural talent for creating just about anything has developed into a good enterprise.  He has opened a business called “Wise Wires” and he takes orders from customers using photos or pictures.  In the past few years he has developed a skill for making wire giraffes, lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, Nguni cows, birds such as the Canada goose, as well as small items like key chains and Christmas decorations.  Redeemer can look at a picture or photo and create a three dimensional animal or bird without having ever seen the animal.  


His eye for color and ability to see things in 3-dimension have led him to travel to Italy and Canada in 2009.  Both trips opened up his business opportunities and have given him a great market overseas.  He has linked with MEGA, a South African government organization that encourages young entrepreneurs to market their goods overseas.

Redeemer also has a great love for children and youth.  He has taught many young people how to do this art media via training and employing orphans and street kids to assist him and learn his skills.  One of his most recent projects has been to train 15 unemployed youth who are all orphans from a local church, to do the wire art. 

One young boy Redeemer has taught was a criminal who stole and robbed people in his neighborhood.  Surprise began to realize that this lifestyle was affecting him because he was afraid to go outside for fear of being recognized.  One day his gang decided to rob all the passengers who were getting off a bus coming from Nelspruit.  After taking the money and cell phones of about 7 different people, one of the victims went home to get some friends.  They came back and beat one of the robbers to death.  Surprise ran home and hid, but the other boys came after him.  A friend of Surprise went to the victims and offered to pay back the money back he had robbed from them.  Surprise was so amazed that someone would love him enough to do that, that he decided to quit doing crime and he joined Redeemer to learn a skill.  

Redeemer grew up in a poor family without a father.  He was angry all the time and took out his anger on other people by beating them up.  As he grew older, he realized that this was the wrong way to live and he decided to change.  As a result of his decision, many young people have been helped to change their lives too.



A former troubled youth is now a world- renowned artist with a blossoming business. His love for young people has inspired him to take on apprentices who share the same difficult background as he once did and this helps them to change the direction of their lives.





Nguni Cow

Lady Bug candle holders


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