Saturday Clubs


Saturdays are a difficult day for many orphans and vulnerable children as they do not have food at home and the daily feeding schemes at school are not functioning.  The Litsemba Centre team decided to become creative and start a Saturday morning programme to provide 40 - 50 children each Saturday with food and fun.

The Apartheid system in South Africa prevented the various cultural groups from getting to know each other as peers.  As a result, many white people from South Africa have never been to the townships and have no idea how their black brothers and sisters live.  We decided to invite 4 churches from the local towns around Daantjie to participate in some Saturday events.  The churches send a group of families, including their children, to the centre where they sing, dance, play games and show videos to a selected group of OVC.  The children are then fed a healthy lunch and sometimes given gifts of clothing, sweets, pencils, or other things that will encourage and delight them.

The results of this programme have been dramatic.  The children and adults have had a marvellous time together, and everyone has left feeling like Saturday was a wonderful day.

At present, the Vineyard Church in Nelspruit has taken one Saturday a month to run a programme and two other churches are also participating by committing to a Saturday a month.

The churches joined together with and Emoyeni Ministries to run a Saturday fun day at Lowveld High in early December 2011.

Vineyard Church Saturday Club

Watching a movie at the Saturday club

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