History started as a response to the growing number of requests for help from orphans and vulnerable children. Many of these children and youth do not have access to adults who can help advocate for them in government offices and schools. As a result of a large number of children in need of food, clothing and financial support, a group of women decided to start a formal programme to get assistance for these children. 


Many children and youth end up being caregivers for sick parents when HIV/AIDS strikes their homes. They have to look for food, do all the housework, find Home Based Care workers to come to the house and care for the parents, continue to go to school, etc. Once the parents pass away, they can become homeless and on the streets as extended family members take over their homes and belongings.  Not only do they need financial help to get transport to government institutions to apply for grants, but they need counseling and support as they go through these difficult experiences.  Adjusting to a life without an adult in the house is extremely difficult and many orphans simply drop out of school or fall behind in school because they can’t cope. 

In the rural communities in Mpumalanga Province in South Africa, many children are experiencing hunger every day.  Primary schools provide a feeding programme once a day for young children ages 6-13, and as of 2011, high schools have introduced feeding programmes for all learners. Often, this is the only food these children receive every day.  They also need clothes, (especially in winter) school uniforms, shoes, blankets, etc. was created to assist children with these needs on an on-going basis and to provide access to health care facilities by providing transport, as well as life skills training, assistance with homework and English classes, teenage pregnancy counseling, grief counseling and skills training for employment. also provides short term, safe housing for youth who do not have a place to live.  The first project is at the Litsemba Centre in Daantjie. Here various young men have lived and managed to get their lives turned around.  Please see Litsemba Centre for further information.

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