Litsemba Centre Enterprises

Besides a small bead and wire business that runs out of the Litsemba Centre, a second business has taken root.


Redeemer Nsimande's ministry with youth and vulnerable children has continued to grow as he now assists young people from the community by teaching them how to do beadwork and paying them for their outputs. His business is called "Wise Wires" and he can make just about anything out of beads and wire.  He does personal orders and has a lovely variety of items for sale. 

The beadwork and wire has also added a new product line of wire and re-cycled tin cans.  The large heads of African animals are stunning and reflect Redeemer's unique gift with sculpture.  See the photo gallery below.

Redeemer also started a "worm juice" business growing earthworms using the waste from local community members. The worms are grown in pots and water is filtered through the compost. This water is then sold as organic fertilizer. The Litsemba Centre garden is flourishing under the influence of the juice. 



Colourful beaded baskets

Beaded silver and grey baskets

Redeemer and his team at work at the Litsemba Centre

Black and white beaded basket

Beaded wire elephants

Future Plans

In addition to various crafts such as wire and bead work, the centre provides opportunities for youth to learn such skills as sewing, weaving, knitting and crochet, and other crafts through the OPTIONS care programme.

Our future plans include having the option to work in a welding programme, a construction programme or a carpentry programme. The hope is that those youth who are not able to make it through the academic school system, can become useful and productive citizens of this country by gaining non-academic skills and trades.



Large Scale Beer Can Trophies


These life sized trophies are made from wire and discarded beer cans.  This means recyling in the community is taking on a new image in the form of unique art objects. 

Beaded Impala

Lovely wire and bead baskets

Motorcyles of beads and wire

Key chains in all shapes & designs


Worm farm for fertilizer

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