Leadership Development for Youth

Leadership Camps

Leadership camps are held quarterly for all the youth who are involved in Mamkhulu.org. 

The leadership camps are held for 35 - 50 youth from both our youth facilitator and youth leader teams.  This is an exciting time for all of them as they come together to learn, grow their counseling skills and bond as a team.  It is through working together in the townships that the teams grow and mature and hold one another accountable as they do their work.  

Before every camp for OVC, Simunye Boys to Men, and Teen Mom's camps, we run these training camps in order to teach the youth the skills necessary for them to run the camps themselves.  

Youth Leadership Team July 2018

Brothers for Life in Christ Leadership Team December 2014

Teen Mom's Camp Leadership Team December 2014

Leadership Training

The goals of the programmes are to bond the team together, impart various skills which they could use in the camps and to go through the manual called "This is My Story" which they then use with the children who were to attend the camps.  Our other goal is to help these young people through some of their difficult struggles and help them to make progress in their own lives. 


Each year we host volunteer teams from overseas who come to support and get involved in the camps.  If you would like to join one of these teams, or volunteer on an individual basis for a special programme, please contact Mamkhulu.org. 


Leadership Camp at Inkuba Game Lodge December 2011



The trip to the elephant reserve

The Leadership Team

The Quad Bike

Team building at the pool

The girls out walking with the giraffes

Sonto presenting her thoughts



Mamkhulu hosted its first Leadership Camp at the Litsemba centre in July 2010. The camp trained youth on soccer skills, how to teach children, games and other activities. There was also bible studies and evening programmes with motivational guest speakers.


Soccer camps were held at 12 schools over the period of 2 weeks. Each morning the team members made up of 6 leaders per school met at the school gates. The logistics team delivered balls, cones and first aid kits and then returned to the centre to collect breakfast. During the day the children were taught different skill building activities. At the end of the week, a world cup games was held at each school with trophies and presentation of soccer balls to the schools.


A young pastor and his wife also went around every day to the schools to do a life skills course using a soccer ball with the official soccer ball colours.  The children loved the discussions and joined enthusiastically in bible studies where they got to learn and read about faith issues. 


Boiled eggs for breakfast were cooked in large 25 litre pots each morning and delivered out to the schools.  This plus tea, an orange and bread made for a healthy breakfast for children who had not had food for weeks due to the schools being closed for the Fifa World Cup games.  All these children were being fed through feeding schemes at school and were in great need of food because the feeding schemes closed at all the schools over the extended holiday.




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