Litsemba Centre The vision for the Litsemba Centre is to provide accommodation and care for youth (boys) who have no homes. A number of youth who are already trained as counselors will be the house parents and support for the boys who are given refuge.

Soccer Camps In 2010 and 2011 a series of psychosocial support camps were held at 6 schools in the area around Daantjie and Msogwaba, Mpumalanga Province. These camps integrated soccer training with counselling and support for OVC.

Girl's Clubs In order to pass grade 12, youth must write a national exam in English. Many orphans and vulnerable children are unable to pass their final exams because they lack basic English skills necessary to answer the questions.
In 2014 started Girl's Clubs which offer homework and English support to girls from local schools.

Life Skills Training The Litsemba Centre will be offering courses for youth on how to open bank accounts, budget money, look for work, write CVs, care for younger siblings, choose a career, etc.

Bible Studies As part of the mandate of the Litsemba Centre, a group of local youth will be running bible studies for children, youth and community members.

Teenage Pregnancy Centre Teenage pregnancy is rampant in South Africa. Young girls as young as 12 years old are falling pregnant due to the many social problems that exist in rural and township communities.

Counseling Services Many children and youth are in need of grief and bereavement counseling in this area of South Africa.

Hope Clubs Hope Clubs are clubs run at local schools in Daantjie, for orphans and vulnerable children. The youth who run the clubs volunteer their time once or twice a week, depending on the school, to train the children soccer skills, provide counseling and run activities and games.

Youth Facilitator Project There are many orphans and vulnerable children in schools who are not receiving the assistance they need, so decided to place a full-time youth facilitator in 10 schools in Mpumalanga Province in South Africa who care for the orphans and vulnerable children full time.

Hope Children's Choir The Hope Children's Choir has been started at the Litsemba Centre by Duncan Dludlu. There are 30 children aged 8 to 12 in the choir, all chosen from the vulnerable children at Siyakhula and Sibuyile Primary Schools.

School of Ministry and Leadership

Teen Mom's Program Teen mom's program is a on going program for teenagers who fall pregnant and given birth at an early stage of their lives. They are supported and given lessons on how to look after their babies and themselves.

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The young mothers camps will take place at Ekukhanyeni on the 27th of December 2022. Mothers come with their babies and they are given life lessons.


The team will be starting their end year Camps on the 27th of November 2022. The first camp will be the young mother's camp, where young

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