English Lessons & Homework Clubs

In order to pass grade 12, youth must write a national exam in English.  Many orphans and vulnerable children are unable to pass their final exams because they lack basic English skills necessary to answer the questions.

OVC are often behind in school, having nursed sick parents, or taken time away from school to find food or earn money to care for their siblings. By the time they get to grade 12, if they do, they are so far behind there is no hope for them to pass their exams. The Litsemba Centre is looking for volunteers to run English classes after school for local youth and children and to assist with homework in various other subjects. This will make a big difference in a young person’s life, as completing high school is the key to his/her future, whether the child goes on to tertiary training or is able to find employment.

Grade 12 is the final year of high school in South Africa. It is called "matric" here. Many young people pass all their years at school until they reach matric, and then they fail. The reason is that schools in the townships have many social problems, as well as problems with poor teaching and infrastructure. The learners are given instruction in their mother tongue, SiSwati with some code switching by teachers. When it comes time to write their final high school exams in English, their level of English is very poor and they cannot pass because they do not understand the questions on the exams, even though they know the material. The centre will be providing English classes for youth through the help of volunteers from South Africa and overseas. These classes are invaluable in that they help young people acquire skills in English that will last them the rest of their lives.


Homework Clubs

As many children who are orphaned do not have anyone at home to help them with their homework, a team from Mamkhulu.org visits Siyakhula Primary School to assist the children each week.  The programme was initiated by the youth volunteers from the Tenteleni Project from the UK and has continued since they left.  There are 40 children in the homework club who benefit from this programme.  Volunteers are always welcome as the number of children grows weekly.

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