QUEEN SHABANGU – Edwaleni Primary School

My name is Queen Lindeni Shabangu. I was born in 1990 February 19. I started schooling at Dwaleni Primary and finished my grade 12 at Hlanganani High. I am a very passionate girl who enjoys chatting and loves people. I am currently working at Dwaleni Primary as a youth facilitator with
I stay with my mother and my 4 other siblings. I am basically from a disadvantaged family but am always looking for ways to better my life. I am also involved in an upcoming Limpopo choir which is also changing my life for the better.

Queen Shabangu’s (Ndlovukozi) motto is:
“At the end of each tunnel there is always a light waiting to shine.  No matter how dark things get, there is always a way out.”

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The young mothers camps will take place at Ekukhanyeni on the 27th of December 2022. Mothers come with their babies and they are given life lessons.


The team will be starting their end year Camps on the 27th of November 2022. The first camp will be the young mother's camp, where young

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