DUDUZILE KHOZA – Mthombo High School

I was born and raised in Newscom. I finished school in 2003 and in 2004 I lost my mom. It wasn’t so difficult because my father was supportive and took care of us. I have younger siblings. In 2006 I went to school to do computer secretarial and in that very same year I lost my father.  From 2006 to 2008 was very difficult, painful and hurtful for me and my younger siblings because both our parents had passed away. Life was very difficult because I had to take care of my siblings and I was not working.

In 2009 I joined BuhleBempilo home based care. I worked there for a few months and in 2010 I worked for a company called Sizabantu Bricks and Sand Suppliers for a year. I joined in the middle of this year 2011. I am now doing much better though it was very difficult in the beginning to share about my past problems and difficulties. I was used to hiding my feelings and sitting alone in my room. I didn’t want to talk to anyone.

Being in this program really changed my life because I can now share my problems. I now know how to help a person who has the same problems as mine and other problems as well. It has helped me a lot because I am now able to talk to my siblings about our problems and solve them together. What makes me happy is that I am now close with my siblings and we are also able to share about our challenges. helped me to talk about my problems and help somebody who needs my help.

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